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Find your ultimate daily routine and change your life

Don’t keep waiting for the perfect time. Create, track and improve healthy habits to get you wherever you want to go in life.

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Habit building application that allows you to customize everything according to your own needs and goals.
A variation of motivational and gamification elements to help you build discipline.

Stay motivated and build discipline

Being disciplined over a long period of time can be tough. We’ll help you stay motivated every day, while giving you a unique view of the progress you’ve already made towards reaching your goals.

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"Following my daily routine increases my productivity by +100% and helps me to focus on my own business."
"I had a hectic schedule. Making my own routine allowed for a better work-life balance and improved my quality of life dramatically."
"Having solid daily routines is key to keeping my digital nomad lifestyle for the long run."

Statistics Section


of our behavior on any given day are habits.



on average is what it takes to form a new habit.


of all statistics are made up on the spot

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Discover new possibilities on how to shape your future

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Try it out now. It's completely free, no strings attached!

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